One-on-One Special Coaching Offer

Pierre’s one-on-one private coaching program for optimal fitness and supercentenarian longevity (post-110 years)

Pierre is offering 6 months of personalized coaching where you’ll receive individual support and guidance to focus on what it will take to reach 110 years without dying from cancer and in great conditions. 

Pr Joubert founded the Institute for Optimal Longevity as well as the ACR Institute and a Mediterranean rejuvenation center. He pioneered the groundbreaking field of holistic oncology and optimal longevity for decades. 

A one-on-one connection is often where all the magic happens because of the combination of expertise and personalized interventions and shared enthusiasm.

Spaces are limited, so please apply as soon as possible.

Here’s how to apply: Simply respond to this email with your answers to the following three questions…

  1. What is the primary health and longevity challenge/concern you would like to work on?
  2. What are your perceived obstacles to reach these health goals.
  3. Anything else in less than a few paragraphs.

The price is 1600 dollars per month for 2 hours per week, to be determined mutually.  This monthly price comes out to 200 dollars an hour, or 9600 dollars for the six months, which is below the market price for this type of coaching. 

Exceptionally, we can charge 8000 dollars for the six months, which saves 1,600 dollars and makes the hour 166 dollars. 

Think of the savings with regard to chronic disease costs and having extra decades of Life to finish off your projects and materialize your inner dreams before the grand departure. 

As a bonus, the coachee will maximize his or her Joie de Vivre (Enjoyment of Life) status with the best available knowledge and science on longevity and cancer research.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at And-or

We look forward to hearing from you!


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