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The Optimal Longevity Institute’s mission is to contribute in collecting significant data on the holistic, scientific and social conditions that will allow “everyone” to fully live his or her intended DNA-programmed lifespan of over 120 years under good healthy conditions.
And thereafter, to publish our results and to make public policy recommendations consistent with the Science of optimal longevity.
Lastly, the Institute seeks to exert an impact on the Nation’s social and public health system by making people aware that a healthy and long lifespan is less a privilege for the few than an endowed “natural right” for all (erga omnès).
And a sacred and constitutional duty for those misguided public agents who presently and persistently control and burden the Government’s institutions while promoting an unsustainable ideology that does not meet the majority’s biological, longevity and basic needs.
Optimal Longevity Institute publishes cutting-edge research on rejuvenation therapies in the laboratory and clinic. The Institute delivers the latest information on the molecular and cellular mechanisms necessary for these therapeutic approaches to be most effective, and provides key explorations and advances that may ultimately contribute to slowing or reversing the aging process.
Optimal Longevity Research coverage includes, but is not limited to the following, Cardiovascular aging, Cancer and cell senescence, cloning, Dna damage and repair, Gene therapy and genomics, Stem cells, Telomere science, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, muscular-skeleton diseases, auto-immune dysfunctions, neurosciences, wine therapy, virology, hormone therapy, growth factors, immunology, animal longevity, invertebra lifespan, biomechanics, tissue engineering and public policy.
OL Institute offers open access to the longevity-based biomedical research available today on the therapeutic value of all and any medical procedure that helps to restore the body’s vitality with few if any toxic side effects.
For an audience, OLI targets Cell biologists; developmental biologists; and specialists in the biology of aging, cardiovascular medicine, and genetics, any and all physicians, health care practitioners, clinicians, researchers, public agents and the layperson with an evidence-based resources for their own benefit.


video senescent cells and aging

COPYRIGHT: All of the Institutes blogs and writings are copyrighted, but can be shared with the Institute’s full copyright attribution.
DISCLAIMER. This side is educational and nothing therein can be construed to be medical or legal advise, whether it be to diagnose, monitor, prevent, treat or cure diseases. .
THIRD PARTY SITES AND POSTS. The Optimal Longevity Institute is not responsible for the third party links and posts which are published, all of which are shared in conformity with the Fair Use Doctrine and the general customary practice in the international scientific community.

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