Super-centenarians, amyloidosis and the next frontier to human life span

Because most super-centenarians die from one of the different forms of amyloidosis, (1) Optimal Longevity Institute’s research team delves into deep research in order to better understand the underlying amyloidosis mechanisms and figure out ways to better control and reverse it.
This article is based on extensive research and can be acquired for a fee.


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Ch. Joubert was trained in Conventional, Traditional Chinese and Naturopathic medicine and has been specializing in longevity science and biogerontology for over twenty years. He is presently working on a new book on Holistic Medicine and Biogerontology, whose content invokes the compelling evidence that supports the following assertion: humans have been genetically designed to live a happy and healthy lifespan to at least 120 years. On this age limit, both evolution-based Science (Cf the Hayflick's limit) and the Bible (Genesis 6:3) concur. The “Joie de Vivre” Vibe that can eradicate today’s chronic disease epidemics and un-necessary suffering is thus within reach. See link on mission for more details.

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