Metformin Anti-Aging Study on Humans has been approved by the FDA

Just this last November 2015, the FDA has approved a large-scale human study to see if metformin, the common diabetes drug, can protect against the multiple diseases of aging.
“Scientists believe the common diabetes drug metformin could hold the secret of long life and want to start a groundbreaking human trial in 2016. The world’s first anti-ageing drug will be tested on humans next year in trials which could see diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s consigned to distant memory. Scientists now believe that it is possible to actually stop people growing old as quickly and help them live in good health well into their 110s and 120s.” (1).
 Dr Simon Melov of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging added:
“You’re talking about developing a therapy for a biological phenomenon which is universal and gives rise to all of these diseases. And if you’ve got a therapy for this thing, these diseases just go away.”
Metformin’s primary mechanism is to enhance the activity of an enzyme found within our cells called adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase ( or AMPK for short). AMPK activation helps mimic the beneficial effects of calorie restriction, the best documented method of slowing and reversing biomarkers of human aging. It also has been shown that metformin increases the number of oxygen molecules released into a cell, which appears to boost robustness and longevity.
ACR Institute has long endorsed AMPK activation, oxygen uptake and caloric restriction as  ways of slowing down the biological aging process. By taking 1,000 to 2,550 mg of metformin daily, this could help with AMPK activation, however, for some people, there may be digestive side effects. But these can be mitigated or not even be an issue. Hopefully, this FDA approved test will better pinpoint its safety profile and better show  its longevity potential.
The FDA approval of this clinical trial confirms it is based on multiple in vitro and in vivo evidenced based studies that has been ongoing for decades. (2) This drug was approved in England in 1957 and made available to type II diabetics around the world shortly thereafter. It took the FDA a staggering 37 years to approve it in the United States for diabetes. Let us hope this clinical trial will not take that long to determine Metformin’s effectiveness. Be that as it may, as a stand alone, it surely will not be enough to reverse chronic diseases and significantly upregulate the longevity genes. But perhaps with other innovative and holistic techniques, including by combining metformin with a ketogenic diet as we have suggested in another blog, (3) it could become a pharmaceutical age-reversal breakthrough.
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